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Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower you, as dedicated security professionals, to stand as the guardians of safety and trust for our clients. Your commitment to excellence is at the core of our vision, as together, we redefine the landscape of private security.

We strive to cultivate an environment where your skills are honed, your dedication is recognized, and your professional growth is nurtured. Our mission is not just to provide security services but to create a community of vigilant, skilled, and engaged individuals who take pride in ensuring the safety and well-being of our clients.

Through continuous training, cutting-edge technology adoption, and a culture of integrity, we aim to set new standards in private security. Each member of the Global Ops family plays a crucial role in delivering unmatched security solutions, contributing to the peace of mind and confidence of our clients.

Our mission is to foster a workplace where teamwork thrives, innovation is encouraged, and each member feels valued. Together, let’s create a secure tomorrow by standing tall, standing strong, and standing as one unified force committed to the safety and satisfaction of those we serve.

GLOBAL OPS provides a wide array of specialty training, licensing, and guidance for a wide range of aspects. Instructors come from highly-trained elite units and the most advanced law enforcement agencies in the world. Our instructors have trained presidential dignitary units, SWAT teams, intelligence agencies, and law enforcement agencies from around the world. All of our Courses and Training Seminars can be tailor-made to fit your exact needs.

Courses and training seminars include:

What our Clients Say

Amazing work I never had a class like this that makes you do so many different real life scenarios came into this class not knowing much left this class, knowing a lot more than what I used to thank you so much for this opportunity.

SA Maria Range Training

The training was very thorough and the most extensive one I've ever been through. You leave feeling more prepared. Overall A+.

SA Christopher Level 1 SA

Training was amazing. I learnt so much in a small time to improve my skills as a Security Agent. This by far was one of the best, if not the best training I’ve ever attended. Thank you.

SA Nakia Level 1 SA

Excellent training. Thank you all the instructors for transferring these valuable knowledge and tactics that can help us not only in the security field but in life in general. Looking forward to the next one.

SA Edwin Range Training

My experience at today’s training was outstanding. Instructor and class material clearly demonstrated the importance of being apart of the organization and what that means. Demonstrations of proper procedures and protocols helped to give me the knowledge to know what to do in an emergency.

SA Matthew Level 1 SA

Today's training helped me to gain valuable information. Hope this information helps us all to perform at our very best at work but also in life generally. Big thanks to all the instructors for sharing your knowledge. Magnificent job as usual.

SA Anthony Advanced Intermediate

Training was very informative. I never had a training class this in depth and the insight of personal information the instructor had regarding the topics made the class that much more compelling. I'm looking forward to progressing in this company. Thank you again for the opportunity.

SA Khayan Level 2 SA

Today's training was what I expected in that it was a well informed class with the bonus of physical training. The moves I learned and the information I gathered, reinforced my belief that training extends beyond the class and is the first step in continuing training at home. I hope everyone in the class realizes how important today was.

SA Miguel Advanced Intermediate

The training helped me a lot as I started working before the training, now I will have a better experience in the field, and what I will be looking for as I do a perimeter check.

SA Jamesky Level 2 SA

The training was very informative and taught me actions to take to prevent certain situations with suspicious individuals. The instructor was knowledgeable. The slide show had great videos and important points on past events.

SA James Level 2 SA

My experience today about the training was immaculate, from the drills, to table talks, it was great. The whole experience makes me feel safe that I have the knowledge to keep me and my school protected, thank you.

SA Shamika Advanced Intermediate

Excellent tactical training; new experiences on how to manage a weapon. Team oriented and strategic. Thank you for your support and efficiency on training us how to handle such scenarios where our life would be at risk.

SA Michelle Range Training

Training was very informative regarding all aspects of security agents’ duties and responsibilities were provided by excellent GLOBAL OPS instructors. Power point, videos, self defense, explosives recognition, and the various small group presentations were informative.

SA Douglas Advanced Intermediate

Informative training. Great hands on knowledge of how to properly engage an enemy and how to continue to engage when injured. Clearing corners and how to identify a threat. Great experience.

SA Alexandre Range Training

Training was very in-depth and more along the lines of National Security which a lot of security companies aren't doing. The appearance by far is one of the most professional. Very informative, effective and opens your mind more. Being a Security Agent sets you far apart from just being a regular Security Guard.

SA Wayne Level 1 SA

It begins with a phone interview to assess initial qualifications, followed by a thorough virtual interview for further evaluation. Successful candidates are then invited to an in-person interview where they are interviewed by the HR Department. Upon acceptance, candidates complete onboarding documents and undergo comprehensive training, progressing through Level 1 and Level 2 certifications, as well as On-the-Job training to ensure they are fully equipped to meet our high standards of service and professionalism as Security Agents.

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