About Us

About Us

your partner in security

GLOBAL OPS provides unparalleled experience in tailoring security threat mitigation solutions to governmental, organizational, educational, corporate, and individual entities. Led by veterans of the Israel Security Agency and Israeli Ministry of Defense, GLOBAL OPS offers comprehensive solutions that integrate seamlessly with existing facility needs and budget concerns while ensuring that daily operations continue uninterrupted. Since our founding in 2009, we have implemented security solutions throughout hundreds of institutions throughout the United States.

Our Vision

Empower governments, organizations, companies, and individuals worldwide by delivering specialized consulting solutions and services. As the foremost provider of threat solutions in the global security industry, we are committed to enabling effective response and management at every threat level.

Our Mission

Aspire to stand at the forefront of the global security industry, establishing ourselves as the premier provider of comprehensive threat solutions.

Our Core Values



Confidentiality stands as a paramount value, embodying our commitment to safeguarding your information and ensuring the utmost trust in our security services.

Professional Integrity

Professional Integrity

Professional integrity is the cornerstone of our security company, guiding our every action and decision to ensure unwavering trust, reliability, and ethical conduct in all our endeavors.

Client partnership

Client partnership

Client partnership is a fundamental value at our core, where we prioritize collaborative relationships to tailor solutions that address your unique needs and foster long-term trust.

Innovation & Creativity

Innovation & Creativity

Innovation and creativity are integral to our core values, propelling us to constantly explore cutting-edge solutions that redefine industry standards and elevate the level of security services we provide.

Our Journey


Analysis of the Security Threats and Risks of the private sector in the US and worldwide. Establishing a Security Ops Company, in order to consult, train and provide the highest level of security in the private sector.


Execution of Operational Planning. A unique approach to provide organizations with a high level security awareness and emergency response capabilities.


Deployment of Security teams with advanced protocols and procedures, supplemented with ongoing training programs, allowing for maximum effectiveness during routine and emergency situations.


Taking part in high-risk special events in NYC and surrounding areas. Working in coordination with other government elite security and law enforcement agencies.


During COVID implementing and adjusting our Security OPS to the new reality and challenges of the world.


Improving and updating protocols and training programs, to overcome current threats, and ensure the protection of hundreds of thousands of individuals that utilize and follow GLOBAL OPS security concepts on a daily basis.


Physically protecting tens of thousands of individuals daily across the tri-state with our security teams. Expanding and improving services to include an A-Z approach within the security operations; including an expansion to over 15 states where we provide services.

What Sets Us Apart – The Global Approach.™

Holistic Project Management – We take pride in conducting thorough evaluations of your needs, utilizing on-site visits, meetings, and current risk-level parameters. This approach enables us to precisely align the level of service needed for your business. Each case is handled with a customized approach. From start to finish, and across a broad range of projects, GLOBAL OPS provides a “white glove” service from acquiring funds, to planning, to procurement, to implementation, and even advising on reimbursement processes when relevant.

At the start of our relationship with organizations, we create a plan from A-Z to determine what is the most effective course of action to take in order to best secure the organization. Each project is closely monitored, to ensure not only timely completion, but to ensure that other projects related to each other are completed in an effective and accurate manner. Our team is experienced in security operations, and therefore not only approach these projects from a practical project management perspective, but understand how to close gaps in security operations, and aid in the day to day of the security operation.

Single Source

Turn to us for comprehensive solutions to equipment and related service issues. Our expertise extends from project launch to seamless implementation in field operations, offering both on-site and remote support at a high level. Beyond project completion, our dedicated team ensures a “hand-in-hand” experience for users, utilizing advanced real-time support tools and maintaining a swift response time. Your satisfaction is our priority at every stage.


Discover enhanced functionalities and optimized performance through our creative integrations and proprietary solutions developed in-house. Our unique approach delivers results that surpass conventional expectations, providing you with unparalleled benefits that wouldn’t be attainable otherwise. Experience a new level of efficiency and innovation with our specialized services.

Future in Mind

Our project designs prioritize scalability, incorporating a variety of system components and platforms that facilitate future expansion and seamless integration. We ensure your solutions evolve with your needs, providing a foundation for ongoing growth and adaptability.

Integrating and Unifying Systems

Unlock the potential of your systems with our expert consultation services, guiding you on seamless connections and integration of both existing and new systems. We specialize in facilitating a harmonious synergy between your technological components, ensuring a cohesive and efficient operation for your business.

Tailor Made

After identifying the client’s specific requirements, we curate a meticulously tailored array of optimal systems and devices for seamless implementation. Our goal is to align with operational needs while adhering to the defined budget, ensuring a cost-effective and precisely customized solution for our clients.


In project planning, we offer predefined phases and timelines for seamless implementation and timely completion, always prioritizing adherence to these schedules. Our commitment to clear project phases and timelines provides clients with certainty and clarity, helping them avoid unnecessary changes in orders and unexpected costs. By fostering foresight, we ensure a smooth and cost-effective project journey.


Meet our management team


Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us—our dedicated team at GLOBAL OPS is ready to assist you, offering tailored expertise and personalized assistance to ensure your security requirements are met seamlessly.